I'm going, are you???

Ok, ok. It's been a while since my last post about ANYTHING. Here's a little re-cap of what's been going on, CSA/garden/tips/adventure-wise...NOTHING. My garden is a catastrophe. I feel like I just barely make it to the CSA each week and all we do is grill, grill, grill veggies. It's been just too hot to cook anything inside, so we eat our veggies raw or grilled all nice and simple-like. Quite delicious, actually, but I digress. This post is not about how lame I've been all summer, but how cool I'm going to be in September because I'll be attending

The event, which includes music by Appalachian Still and with special guest Janet Ryan and Straight Up! is being held on September 11,2010 at 4pm, 411 Russell Road, Sunderland MA.

Tickets to the event are being sold at Strides Human Performance Institute, 39 Carlon Drive, Northampton MA and you can call 413-586-5000.

Proceeds go to the Food Bank of Western MA, which aims to help those in need of food assistance throughout Western Massachusetts.

You may choose your donation level when purchasing a ticket, but the minimum donation is $5.

What does $5 get you??
Music, as noted above. Food (b.y.o.b.). And most importantly, the knowledge that you're helping to provide healthy meals within your community and throughout Western MA.


  1. Hey, as a mother to four, I just want to say you've been doing plenty: first babies kind of derail "action" & that's as it should be (if it can be that way) so gosh, getting to the CSA, grilling, & possibly a shower here & there seem like *plenty* much. You're bonding with a human & have moved from one planet to another (that of parenthood, it's bigger than a 'hood).

  2. I think you've had a baby & that's a big piece of BUSY (new planet you've moved onto & the first is the most derailing, for good reason!). Getting to CSA, grilling, that's pretty much all you can expect or dream of...

    I linked you on my current post: http://www.valleyadvocate.com/blogs/home.cfm?uid=92

    The delicious granola!

  3. Thanks Sarah. I figure this is the time to be cultivating my relationship with my little guy and there is always next year for the gardens.(Wow, FOUR?!?!)-Nicole

  4. sorry that posted basically 2x

    the granola recipe is getting people making/wanting to make it.

    four is cuckoo (fun, yes, but...). you have the exact right attitude.



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