A Bushel of...Meat?!

So, we decided to test out the meat CSA that the Austin Brothers farm offers (I mentioned it in the Summer Wind Down post.) We went halvsies with our friends who share our veggie CSA with us, and we chose the 20lbs of meat per month option...that means 10lbs per couple, per month...the meat will always be a combination of pork and beef, but we'll never know what cuts of meat to expect. This is daunting for me, because I'm not really a meat-cooking expert. I generally like good cuts of meat prepared simply, (or prepared fancy but made for me by someone else!), so this is going to be a challenge. The good part is that all the meat comes freezer sealed and frozen, so there's no handling of icky raw meatiness, and I don't have to use it all at once.

Here's what was in our first 10lb package:
  • pork chops
  • top round
  • beef stew
  • ground beef
  • chuck roast
  • short ribs
  • beef shank
  • sweet italian sausage
So far, we've only eaten the pork chops, which Dave quick-marinated in Teriaki sauce, and I pan-fried, so they were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I served them with sauteed onions and homemade cheese pierogi that the women of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Easthampton, MA make each year. I buy a bunch and then freeze them for the year. (I'm not Polish or Catholic, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the tastiness of pierogi, right?) I also made a quick apple-cardamom preserve that I'm working on, but that's not quite ready for it's debut yet. Regardless, everything was delicious.

Throughout the late fall and winter months, don't be shocked if I'm posting meatier recipes. Our veggie CSA ends this month, which means posts will have to take a slight turn in direction to the carnivorous side...but it's not like I won't also be eating grains and veggies all winter.

On a side note, anyone know where I can get free-range eggs for not a million dollars a dozen? And chicken??? I'd love to find a way to purchase my poultry from a local farm...

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  1. Pete of Mockingbird Farm raised meat chickens this year, and probably has some left. They're pricier than grocery store birds, of course, but they were pastured and unmedicated and very humanely slaughtered.

    Pete does eggs, too, but I don't know if he's taking new customers. It's worth asking, though - his eggs are great! The yellow-orangest yolks you ever saw.



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