How to Care for Your Wok

A reader made a comment about my wok looking like it came straight from China, which I take as a compliment. So, thanks! It got me thinking about caring for woks, and how they are similar to fine wine, leather and some really great pieces of furniture (and Harrison Ford, usually)...they only get better with age. You should NEVER, EVER, EVER scrub your wok after you use it. No soap. No harsh scrubby brush. Just hot water and gentle removal of any food. And, as I learned from my Mom this weekend, dry your wok by placing it back on the stove and turning the burner up high, so the water evaporates and the wok dries quickly. That way, there is no opportunity for rust stains. Thanks,Mom. You're so smart.

Note: I've also read that you should oil your wok after rinsing and drying, but I've never done that. My wok's been stir-frying for over 10 years now, and still going strong!

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  1. i care for both my wok and my iron fry pan exactly the way you describe... but i am an oiler. after evaporating all the water i drop in just a bit of oil and smooth it all around with a paper towel. i think when the pan is new it helps speed up the seasoning process, and keeps things very non-stick. reading about your wok i realize that by now it's likely an unnecessary step - but of course now it's part of the ritual.



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