The Zucchini Bread Challenge

When David realized that summer squash/zucchini season was upon us, his face lit up. I knew exactly what he wanted before he even opened his mouth, and I was already rolling my eyes...While he was thinking "Zucchini Bread!!", I was thinking "Oh, great. I get to make zucchini bread. Yay." I've tried many slices of zucchini bread and I always silently wonder why someone's ruining a completely tasty zucchini by adding it to a quick bread. I know it's for making the bread nice and moist, but plain zucchini bread is just kind of boring to me. It always just tastes like cinnamon. Why add the zucchini, and not applesauce or something? Why not just make a cinnamon bread? I just don't get it.

David is really excited for me to make some zucchini bread, so I've decided to give myself a little challenge. Within the next three weeks, I will make three loaves of zucchini bread, but they will NOT be plain old loaves with shredded zucchini. It will have zucchini, but there will be a twist.
I may fail miserably and end up making David a normal old zucchini loaf, but perhaps I will discover something that I will actually enjoy making and eating...

...Stay tuned for zucchini bread #1...

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