Happy Hour

I wanted to take a moment to say hello to all the Mountain View Farm CSA readers, and I also wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Ben and Liz, who included the link to my blog in the latest Newsletter.

I am so flattered that you've taken the time to visit my site, and I hope you find inspiration, enjoy the photographs (starring our very own Mountain View Farm Vegetables!), and maybe have a laugh or two when reading my posts. Welcome!

Mondays have become my favorite day of the week. This is my "pick-up day", and I truly look forward to leaving work, coming home, doing a quick wardrobe change, and then heading back out with my husband for the farm visit. I LOVE pulling in to the farm parking lot (sometimes in a car, sometimes on a bike) and seeing everyone mulling about. Some are toting their empty bags in to the barn, others are returning to their cars with bags brimming with fresh vegetables. I love it even MORE, when I get a glimpse of the lovely rows of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, with the lush, dark treeline in the distance. There are kids running around, dogs are hanging out with their owners, and people picking their own strawberries, herbs, and flowers. AND, there's a row of beautiful red poppies right in front of the flower beds. (If you see a tent in the fields next week, it's because I've decided to move in).

Did I mention that I LOVE this? Well, I do.

It is my Monday happy-hour.

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  1. Thank you for this blog! I am a Mountain View Farm sharer and I love your ideas for things to make with the weekly veggies.
    (My most recent farm share meal: http://www.flickr.com/photos/intermittent/3662713428/)

    Hope to meet you at the farm some day!



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