Vexing Indexes (or Why I should not judge a book by it's cover)

Feeling inspired by the abundance of vegetables, I visited my awesome local used book store and procured another cookbook. I chose it based on Cuisine (Chinese) and Photographs (Delicious-looking). The food photography was lovely and many of the recipes in the book reminded me of the real Chinese food I've eaten; None of that chow fun/fried egg roll nonsense. I brought my fancy new book home, and after tying up the out-of-control peonies and attacking the weeds in my garden, sat down to devour my new text.

I tend to read cookbooks in the following order:
I look at all the pictures first. I can't help it.
And then...
I go right to the index and look recipes up by ingredient.

This new book I purchased? Total sham. Here I was, distracted by all the pretty pictures, and when I looked up bok choy, the index pointed to ONE STINKING PAGE that referenced bok choy. I was forced to read the whole damned cookbook. And you know what? There were practically a dozen recipes that showcased bok choy. Same thing with scallions (For the record, Scallion Pancakes were only listed under Appetizers. Ridiculous.)

And this brings me to what I hope to provide in the future: A search function on my little blog where you can type in your veggie and, voila, a list of recipes that showcase your veggie. Or at least include that veggie. Is this helpful? Or would you rather just type in "appetizer" and come up with a list of recipes you probably don't have the ingredients for...

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