When is a Turnip Not a Turnip?

When it is a RADISH...

Monday evenings go a little something like this: Go to the Farm, pick up your share, bring it home, stare in disbelief wondering how will we ever eat all this stuff in 7 days??, then start washing, drying and storing. At our house, we've begun a little tradition of eating the hakurei turnips while getting everything else situated. I pulled out a tasty-looking specimen from the bunch of veggies I'd just washed. Not too big, nice and white...and handed it to my husband, who was busy preparing the kohlrabi for pickling. He quartered it and left it on the corner of the cutting board and we both dug in. Mmm! Crisp, watery, fresh. And then, our smiles faded...this one was really TANGY. So, of course, because I'm a sucker for punishment, I tried another. This piece was extra peppery (And reminded me of the time when I couldn't sleep and my husband suggested I drink a prairie fire. A shot of tequila and Tabasco does not help insomnia. It just gives you a stomach ache). Blech!

Here's a delicious way to eat radishes that you won't regret. Our friends at Bakery Normand in Northampton suggested this little snack:

Recipe: Bread with Butter and Radishes
Ok, so not so much of a recipe as an idea, but this could be a great simple snack or appetizer.

You'll Need:
Delicious Bread of your choice
(I plan on using a pretzel roll from the bakery. Or something nice and grainy.)

Good butter, at room temperature

Radishes, washed, dried, and sliced super thin

Sea Salt

Slice bread, spread with butter, layer radishes over butter.
Sprinkle with salt.

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  1. Dave would think tequila has medicinal uses, I bet Tom would have suggested whiskey - BTW sliced radishes are super yummy on a bagel with cream cheese...I always struggle to find uses for them because they grow so quick!



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