What is a CSA, anyway???

Community Supported Agriculture

A farm sells crop shares to community members prior to the growing season. Some CSA's require their share-holders to work a bit at the farm, others offer shares on a sliding-scale, or "large" and "small" veggie boxes. Once the season begins (that's June for me), share-holders visit the farm once a week to pick up produce or the produce gets delivered to directly to the share-holder. In exchange for supporting our local farm, we get loads of fresh veggies and fruits (and flowers) and we get to cultivate a relationship with the people responsible for providing us with local, delicious, as-fresh-as-it-gets food. I love the visual of rows and rows of greenness and beautiful barns, with a backdrop of mountains and lush landscape. And as I remarked to my husband, as we pulled in to the farm during the downpour this past Monday, "Ahhh, I love the smell of rain, dirt, and manure."

For more information on the CSA I belong to visit:

and for locating a farm in your area, check out:

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