Week 3 in Review

My week 3 came and went way too fast. I honestly have no idea what I did last week. I can't think of any hilarious stories, and I can't even think of anything remotely witty. And, the first thing I thought about doing when I woke up was to write this:

Dear Sun,
I miss you. My plants miss you.

Please come back.
Love, Nicole and her garden

I then thought about writing this:

Hey Sun,
Get your lazy butt out from behind those clouds and DO YOUR JOB. STAT.

(I'm hating you right now)

Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you how I cleaned out my fridge before the Week 4 pick up....

In addition to all the tasty recipes that I posted recently, we made fresh fettuccine with our leftover greens and strawberry syrup this past Sunday. Both store well, as the fettuccine can be frozen and syrup will last for a good long time in the fridge. Actually, I'm not really sure just how long the syrup lasts...it's usually been eaten well before the "time's up" date.

Check them out:

Strawberry Syrup

Greens Fettuccini

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  1. Nicole, a friend posted your blog on Facebook this morning; I love it. I've linked to my blog (see link) & in the post used a photo (that I credited to you, in the text b/c I can't do so at the photo itself) but I am happy to change the photo... I just so liked it. Hope you'll take a gander at the post; I'll get your blog into my blogroll later today.

    My eleven year-old will ADORE your blog & I know he'll follow faithfully!



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